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Deep Explorer undergoing testing in University of Southampton wind tunnel

Wind Tunnel Testing, UoS

Dr Artur Lidtke, Researh fellow in the Maritime Robotics Lab at the University of Southampton completed the validation trials of the new deepwater glider shape in the R.J.Mitchell wind tunnel. This large facility allows full scale Reynolds tests to evaluate the achieved lift/drag ratio and total drag of the final external shape. Additional studies helped quantify the drag augments associated with various instrument package and their influence on mission endurance.

Robin Pascal (NERC) overseeing the WP5/WP6 sensor payload demonstrations in Porto

Sensor Payload Demonstrations, Porto

The BRIDGES project has completed demonstrations for the WP5 and WP6 complex sensor payload systems, validating the autonomous operation of key payload services. The demonstrations proved the operation of the novel glider-ready sensors of WP5 and the Payload Management Controller's (PMC) ability to interface with and autonomously control up to 8 sensors individually and simultaneously. The sensor data flow was validated from the sensor measurement through to satelite communications via the Glider Shoebox simulator which replicates the behaviour and abilities of the real glider platform, using nearly identical hardware and software and added simulation models. This enalbed valiation of sensor payload performance and power consumption during simulated glider dives to 2000m, while succesfully activating/disactivating individual sensors and modifying sampling rates based on glider depth and state and real-time values of other sensors.

Dr Mario Brito presenting BRIDGES at AUV2016, Tokyo, Nov 2016

BRIDGES at AUV2016, Tokyo

Dr. Mario Brito, leader of WP7 on reliability analysis and system integration of the BRIDGES project, presented the initial results on BRIDGES glider reliability at the AUV 2016 conference on 8 November in Tokyo, Japan. The IEEE-sponsored conference, co-sponsored by BRIDGES partner SUT, is held every two years and bring together experts working in the field of autonomous underwater vehicles.

BRIDGES review presentations at SpaceApplications, Brussels, 0ct 2016

BRIDGES Mid-Term Review, Brussels

We have recently completed the first reporting period for the first 18 months of the BRIDGES project, including the Mid-Term Review of the project in Brussels on the 25th Oct and submission of the technical and financial reporting on the 31st Oct. The Mid-Term Review was held at SpaceApplications in Brussels, generously hosted by our fellow-BG6 project DexROV, who also conducted their review on the 24th Oct. This also provided an opportunity for the two consortiums to hold a workshop to plan collaborative actions and help maximumise the impact of both projects. A summary of the BRIDGES progress is available in the public downloads section, along with some new public deliverables.

BRIDGES consortium during the 1st General Assembly, Porto, Sep 2016

BRIDGES 1st General Assembly, Porto

The first General Assembly of the BRIDGES project was held on 6-8 September, generously hosted by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. Now at month 18 of the 48-month project, we conducted a complete review of the project progress and acheivements so far. Two advisory board members were in attendance – David Meldrum from SAMS, and Philippe Lattes from Total – to provide valueable feedback on our BRIDGES project.

Oceanology International, London, Mar 2016

BRIDGES presents at Oceanology International 2016, London

The BRIDGES deep-sea glider project was presented at the 2016 Oceanology International conference held in London, with 13 of our 19 partners in attendance. BRIDGES participated in the FP7 Oceans Of Tomorrow session hosted by NOC, presenting the project (Oceans of Tomorrow Presentation) and participating in a industry round-table on stakeholder communication and dissemination. The BRIDGES deep-sea vehicles were also presented during the Unmanned Vehicles and Vessels Showcase (Oceanology International Presentation) by ALSEAMAR and ARMINES.

Offshore Europe, Aberdeen, Sep 2015

BRIDGES at Offshore Europe 2015, Aberdeen

The BRIDGES deep-glider project was presented at the 2015 Offshore Europe meeting in Aberdeen by partners ALSEAMAR, SUT, ARMINES and CMR. The conference provided a first opportunity to discuss the DEEP and ULTRADEEP EXPLORER gliders with industry and interested stakeholders, gathering positive and useful feedback that is now being incorporated into the design of the vehicles ( BRIDGES 1st Newsletter , BRIDGES Poster).

BRIDGES Consortium during the Kick-Off Meeting, Paris, April 2015

The BRIDGES project was Officially launched in Paris on April 22th 2015

The BRIDGES project was officially launched in Paris on April 22th 2015. In the presence of EC Officer Mr. G. Mialocq the project was successfully 'kicked-off' by its 19 partners.

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The BRIDGES project

started in 2015 and is developping and demonstrating the operation of the new Deep and UltraDeep gliders by the end of the project in 2019. Deep & UltraDeep gliders