Bringing together

Bringing together research and industry

BRIDGES will work to identify and analyse the needs of key markets and stakeholders to define the design requirements for vehicle endurance, on-board autonomy, sensor payloads and sensing resolution, communications and data processing.

The main present offshore oil & gas and subsea mining activities take place down to 2400m but mining should extend down to 4000 m whereas scientific investigations and marine monitoring already require operations to 5000 m depth. Science, MSFD and Copernicus services for industry and the public will include all the relevant observable marine parameters. Industry oriented services will range from long-term exploration needed before exploitation, environmental monitoring during exploitation and assessment of short to long term impacts. Exploration services are targeted to upstream subsea mining or O&G exploitation. Monitoring services for industry and maritime activities in general will target all environmental impact assessment of the activities as required by the environmental regulations.

Through the research and innovation activities of BRIDGES, the overarching goal of the project is to set the foundations of European glider and miniaturized sensing SME's sector and to establish European leadership in coastal and deep ocean monitoring with autonomous platforms. Enhancing and establishing long term cooperation between academia and industry, both manufacturers and end users, are keys for establishing the leadership of Europe, and BRIDGES will contribute to the development and nurturing of the appropriate networks with stakeholders.

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The BRIDGES project

started in 2015 and is developping and demonstrating the operation of the new Deep and UltraDeep gliders by the end of the project in 2019. Deep & UltraDeep gliders