Deep sea solution

Deep Explorer (2400m) & UltraDeep Explorer (5000m)

  • Deep Explorer
  • UltraDeep Explorer

Deep sea solution

BRIDGES will make use of the know-how gained during the development of the present SeaExplorer, SPAN and Autosub platforms together with recent technological capabilities, to upgrade the mechanical glider structure rated to operate up to 2400m (Deep Explorer) and 5000m (UltraDeep Explorer) depths. Developed by ACSA, the SeaExplorer glider is a 700m rated vehicle equipped with rechargeable batteries that has recently demonstrated outstanding performance. The SPAN AUV is a 2000m rated vehicle also developed by ACSA for an Oil&Gas application. The UltraDeep Explorer (5000m depth) will take advantage from advances in ultra-deep water technology coming from the AutoSub-2 AUV project.

  • Credit: ALSEAMAR
  • Legend DEEP EXPLORER Internal view

The vehicle will be designed to provide robustness within a hostile environment

Very High external pressure

(500 bars)

Biofouling due to long deployment duration

(several weeks)

Possible bad weather conditions

on the surface during the mission

Sensor payloads

will be designed and selected for effective and reliable operation to maximum depth

Specific mechanical subcomponents able to operate under extreme pressure conditions will be needed.