Offshore Oil and Gas

Offshore Oil and Gas

There is a broad range of environmental concerns including those relating to oil discharges from routine operations, the use and discharge of chemicals, accidental spills, settling of drill cuttings, and the placement of installations and pipelines on the sea bed. Glider networked capacity for long-term and persistent monitoring of the level of pressure experienced by the marine environment surrounding exploitation site will increase the competitiveness of European economy by facilitating safe operations preventing accidental releases, and mitigating damages to ecosystem, cultural, and socio-economic resources.

BRIDGES will detail requirements and potential users within the oil and gas industry, enabling safe and environmentally sound subsea operations. This will include monitoring in connection with baseline studies, operational monitoring during exploration and drilling, production and after decommissioning. Measurement scenarios could consist of leak detection, discharge of drill cuttings, produced water, and inspection. BRIDGES will map the operational requirements, standards, and sensors for the Deep and UltraDeep gliders, resulting in autonomous monitoring solutions for the Offshore Oil and Gas industry.

  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019

The BRIDGES project

started in 2015 and is developping and demonstrating the operation of the new Deep and UltraDeep gliders by the end of the project in 2019. Deep & UltraDeep gliders